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Customer testimonials

Testimonial for Dave@Übergeek

Thank you Dave. You fixed my partner's laptop which is being used by disadvantaged children in a charity school in India. I have to admit that when I gave Dave the laptop I advised him that there was no big rush, but later there was a bit of a rush as we needed to get this laptop sent off as soon as possible.

Dave was happy to fix the laptop in a very short space of time, he was so pleasant and happily came to my home to fix the laptop. He also gave me some 'Übergeek' information about the memory on the laptop and I only really understood the bit about the hard drive being split into slices of pizza!!!

Dave even fixed a webcam which I thought had gone bust, the kids are very happy with the laptop. I want to give a big thank you to dave for doing a last minute job in a very short space of time and for being so kind and considerate. He did an excellent job and I will certainly be recommending him to family and friends.

Josiah Hincks Solicitors
Law in your language. April 2012

Dave Roseblade, Übergeek

What can I say other than you made my Mother a very happy lady and saved my sanity!

Dave recently undertook a job with a Netbook (the password had been forgotten). He then did whatever one does with these machines and made it work again - he even showed Mum how to use it; although I am sure she will be calling you again.

The service has been excellent - I would happily recommend Übergeek to any client, colleague or friend with no qualms at all.

Thank you
Alison Fletcher
APM Human Resources
29th Feb 2012

Dear Dave

Just like to say a big thank you for the quality of work that you have given me on work on my laptop and my brother's. I have no hesitation in recommending you to friends and family. My little laptop is key to my business and is used nearly every day of the week. So to be helpful you picked my laptop up and dropped it off, when it was convenient to me.

Excellent customer service, fantastic value for money and a fantastic standard of work.

Thank you Mr. Über

Michael Wheat
pond and garden design
9th Feb 2012

To whom it may concern.

Well, Dave may be an Übergeek, but thank goodness Dave is a magician with computers. My very slow, old computer brought back to life, two laptops sorted and wireless now working like a dream. I wish that I had known Dave years ago.

I can highly recommend Übergeek to anyone wanting a superb service on their computer.

Andy Wilson
CSL Business Machines LTD
Feb 2012

To whom it may concern.


I would like to formally thank you for coming to my rescue when I accidentally deleted an important file from my Netbook.

Having used other IT service providers in the past I can honestly say I have found one that I will be sticking with.

You went beyond the call of duty when you gave my collection of computers the once over.

I can now rest assured; they are all up to date with virus protection, documents are all in places they can be easily accessed, data is backed up and all of the computers are running efficiently.

All done in the comfort of my own home, at a time to suit me and at an affordable price.

I am pleased to say I would have no hesitation in using your services again in the future or recommending you to any of my freinds, family or customers.

Kind Regards

Wayne Lord Plumbing & Heating
Feb 2012

Third time lucky.

Thank you very much for the excellent work in sorting out the networking issues with my computer setup.

Two other people had previously tried to get my PC, laptop and printer to communicate and operate as a linked system. Their attempts failed. I am pleased to report that after your visit the machines function as I wanted and I am able to easily transfer documents from one machine to the other and to print wirelessly from either computer.

This was not an easy problem and it is a reflection of your knowledge and experience the you were able to solve it so efficiently. I am confident that you would be equally effective with other issues. I will be pleased to call you in again to sort out any future problems and I have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone else who has a sick, slow or troublesome computer.

Yours sincerely
Alan Cook
Alman Consulting
1st December 2011

A clean bill of health.

Dave came to my office because my system was running slowly and arguing when I tried to do things, and as a writer my computer is vital to my work. He didn’t sigh and shake his head, but calmly took all the extraneous rubbish off my system that had just accumulated over the years, boosted the security and made it work like automatic magic.

His confidence and competence have me in awe, and that is not something that happens readily. I heartily and sincerely recommend him to anyone who has any kind of computer problems.

Martyn Carey
22nd Nov 2011

Thank you Dave.

A fast, personalised service with a smile. You also have a unique ability to explain complex IT issues in language i can understand!

My much beloved, well travelled and frequently used laptop - faithful service for completing a large amount of work over the last three plus years – was sluggish and generally behaving badly. It enjoyed having additional memory installed, a clean up and a full MOT!! It now works faster and more efficiently than it did when it was new. So a BIG THANKYOU.”

Penny Harrison
Senior Lecturer
De Montfort University
19th Nov 2011

Fantastic IT service.

I recently had alot of trouble with a computer I built myself. I was literally sat down, scratching my head for two weeks trying everything and anything on the internet to fix it; I was at my wits end with it all!

Thankfully however, Dave was recommended to me by a family member. He came over and provided a fantastic IT service, a level of which I think all technicians should look up to. He carried out his work in a very professional manner, ensuring the components were safe throughout and checking every possible cause, eventually finding and fixing my problem. He also explained the possible causes and troubleshooting measures, information I will carry onwards myself in any relevant occupation. I now have my computer up and running, ready for anything. And it's all thanks to Dave!

I throughly recommend him to friends and family, knowing full well that if I ever get another computer problem he will be my first call. Thanks again Dave!

Jordan Coleman
IT Apprentice
16th Nov 2011

I can recommend Dave without hesitation.

I recently found myself in a tight situation when my laptop failed at a crucial time. Dave went out of his way to accomodate me and my needs. He fixed my laptop and rescued my work within a very tight time frame at a very reasonable price. I have known Dave and his work for some time, I trust that he will give me an honest opinion and offer me the best price possible.

Thanks Dave you're a star

Adelaine Williams
De Montfort University
14th Nov 2011

Do I trust him with my PC?

Hi Dave

You have been the only person I have trusted to take away my PC and fix it..... and you did a great job. I suffered from a complete breakdown after little fingers shut me down incorrectly causing a total microsoft shut down, which I could not recover the PC from myself... ahh dont you just love em !!!

But you came to the rescue, and sorted it for me.. Phew !!!! all my pics back, ( oh and all backed up now.. !)

I would like to say to anyone out there who like me suffers the dreaded.. "do I trust him with my PC or laptop" syndrome.. well rest easy... You can.

Thanks Dave, fab job...

Karen Gaze
23rd October 2011

An efficient and effective technician

I have known Dave Roseblade for many years, in his capacity as an IT officer at De Montfort University and in his more recent move as an independent digital technician. He is an efficient and effective technician and has always provided an excellent service. I would thoroughly recommend him.

Dr John Fowler

Dear Dave

Thanks very much for all the work that you have done to date, from setting up my computer system at home, to putting a new thermostatic shower valve!

You have been reliable and honest and your work has been thorough. I have very much appreciated your patience and the time you give in explaining very technical and often difficult problems, but always coming up with solutions and options.

Kind Regards


Dr Jagdish Chouhan
Senior Lecturer
MA Programmes Leader
De Montfort University

To Whom it May Concern

A functioning computer and constant internet access are essential to my business as I offer Skype consultations to my EFT and Homeopathy clients.

Dave Roseblade has been looking after my computer now for over six years and I can honestly say that I don’t know what I would have done without him. It’s hard to know where to start with a testimonial as there are so many aspects of his service to recommend.

Dave is incredibly knowledgeable about all things computer – he set up my system so that it runs to maximum efficiency (which means it’s fast!), uses the best search engine and has optimal virus protection.

Whenever I have had a problem, he has responded quickly, sorted it effectively and calmed me down in the process. He has endless patience, a warm and sympathetic manner and nothing ever seems to be too much trouble for him. He always explains what he is doing and (as far as he can!) ensures that I understand. Not only do I have complete assurance that I have the best, most cost effective set-up for my purposes, I also know that I have technical support at the end of the telephone line whenever I need it.

And that is just for my business. Dave has also advised both my children on getting the best lap-tops for their purposes at University, set both of them up so that they worked perfectly as soon as they started their courses and set up wi-fi so that they can use them at home.

If, like me, you know very little about computers and want to feel confident that there is someone you can turn to who is totally trustworthy and will give you excellent service, then I recommend that you call Dave Roseblade now.

Kim Campion

Ubergeek: helping see your crisis through to the end.

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